climate neutral

forwardview works sustainably to the maximum extent possible. We keep the CO2 emissions caused by our work as low as is feasible. We use renewable electricity and this website also runs on green energy. When transport by bicycle or public transport is impracticable for our filming we use car-sharing, preferably electric.

We offset unavoidable emissions, such as those from long-haul flights, through the Hivos Climate Fund. We use a range of calculation modules, like Carbon Footprint, to work out our annual CO2 emissions.
But we’re aware that offsetting isn’t the solution to climate change. Worldwide, the possibilities for emission offsetting are limited. That’s why we minimise our CO2 emissions at source.

Climate Fund
The Dutch Hivos Climate Fund aims to facilitate access to renewable energy by marginalised groups in developing countries. For example, in Cambodia the fund invests in biogas stoves to replace wood stoves, resulting in a decrease of CO2 emissions and unhealthy fumes. Better for the climate as well as for Cambodian households.