training & advice

We happily share our experience through workshops and advice on news gathering, video techniques, campaigning and media work.

Want to learn to make videos on your smartphone? Or with professional equipment? Get more views for your organisation’s videos? We’ll be pleased to advise you, or get straight down to work with specific customised training.

Workshops and training

Below is a selection of the training programmes we provide. Some of them are offered in partnership with the College of Multimedia in Amsterdam. All of the training can also be adapted to the specific needs of organisations and individuals, at the location that suits you best.

  • Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, CapCut
  • Directing: storytelling, cinematography, direction
  • Vlogging and Mobile Journalism (mojo)
  • Camera, light and audio skills
  • Filming with mirrorless, DSLR, drone, or smartphone
  • Interviewing skills
  • Spokespersonship
  • Writing press releases (in English, Dutch)
  • Writing for online
  • Publishing on social media


What visual language should you use to tell our story? What technology do you need to set up your live stream? What specifications do video files currently have to comply with? How can you quickly create an interesting video report or vlog of your employee’s field trip?
Which footage should you archive, and how?

For questions like these, and many more issues regarding video and text, we think along with our clients if required. Always with no obligation to start with, and followed by more detailed advice upon request.