Besides commissioned work, Myrthe Verweij also films and writes as an independent journalist. As a camera journalist, she coverd stories for ANP, Reuters, BBC, Associated Press, and NHK, among others. Written journalistic work by Myrthe has been published in outlets such as Trouw national daily, Vrij Nederland magazine, and Down to Earth Magazine.

No journalistic productions are made about organisations or individuals that are clients of forwardview. And we will not take assignments from those who are currently the subject of a news story that we are working on. We cherish our independence.

For journalistic productions, we comply with the journalistic code of the Netherlands Association of Journalists (NVJ):

A journalist:

  • seeks the truth based on facts
  • is independent
  • reports in a balanced way
  • works transparently
  • protects sources
  • corrects errors
  • distinguishes between facts and opinions
  • respects privacy unless there is a public interest
  • does not incite hatred, discrimination or racism
  • will always stay away from plagiarism, libel and slander